December 4, 2020

Pokemon Go Friend Codes

Welcome to our article. Here we could tell you what pokemon go friend codes. Here you will find the biggest set of QR codes capable of adding hundreds of your friends. When you enter your QR code then the code is automatically generated and people can Quick and fast add you to Pokemon Go with the help of QR scanner. Get your support now, Find Friend Code and Enter and then write your code in your own format. 

It is very easy, You can come back here when you want in just 24 hours after posting your fav. Friend code at the top  of the list. You can join a website as soon as possible and gain access to your location by knowing the trainer available nearby. Pokemon has a new feature added by Nintendo that allows trainers to make friends through the application and they can also enjoy a variety of bonuses and challenges. 

I am a friend of Pokemon, Why?


Spinning Pokestops send gifts to each trainer. Send gifts to your friends and send them free stuff so you can increase the level of friendship and this can result in a lot of bonuses and a decrease in the amount of stardust for the business. Sending and receiving gifts is the best feature in Pokemon Go.


When you’re 300 feet away with your friends, you’re able to trade your Pokemon with them. Help your friends to grow their Pokemon as you expand. If you earn more bonuses then your trading Pokemon has a golden opportunity to make the traded Pokemon lucky.


If you want to catch the legendary Pokemon with 50k + CP, then you have to challenge your rival team and compete in raiding battles with other trainers to get the Pokemon. Don’t forget the important feature of sending more gifts to each other to increase your attack bonus. 


You have to challenge your friend to the battle line, if you are going to win the battle and advance your battle medals you will also have to win prizes. Continue training for war with your friends and choose the party very consciously, it will increase your chances of going to the Go Butt League.

How do I make friends on Pokemon?

First of all, you need to copy any trainer code that is displayed on the website. Press the avatar icon in Pokemon at the bottom left of the screen and the friends icon at the top. Click the Add Friend icon and paste the trainer code into the input field here. Now press send to finish. Your request has now been sent and when it is accepted you will be notified by a friend that you are now a friend of this user. It’s easy even if you’ve logged into Pokemon with another device. Press QR on your screen and then scan the trainer you want to add. Requests will be sent immediately.

Is Pokemon safe to include strangers?

Some of them have a gym and poke stop near your home. My personal opinion is that you do not send gifts to strangers from such places. You should not compromise on anything other than your location. Most places are covered with sending and receiving gifts.

How to send Personal messages to Pokemon Go Friends?

Log in here to add your Pokemon Friend code because we have authority to hide your Friend code any time in your fav and others using Pokemon Friend Codes. Now send a Personal message to the trainer.

Here are some Pokemon Go friend codes

  • 8439 4311 7301
  • 5640 0426 5444
  • 7243 1328 1874
  • 1903 2565 0372
  • 9714 5076 8078
  • 0851 8158 0363
  • 9338 1324 5501
  • 8009 8447 3201
  • 6518 2916 9879
  • 0476 7139 1505
  • 9953 2489 4021
  • 2010 6642 7523
  • 9449 0311 3767

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