December 4, 2020
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DAYZ Pc Game REVIEW In Dec., 2013. The White House is host to Barack Obama. Miley Cyrus’s’ Wrecking Ball’ is top of the charts. Harlem Shake is storming up the internet. And DayZ, a survival zombie title, is entering Steam Early Access. Part survival sandbox, part social experiment, the game dumps 64 players into a dystopian wasteland of zombies, sits back, and lets them make fun of themselves.

Five years later, DayZ is finally out, having passed an extended Early Access era. And, anyway, that’s not modified yet. The idea that DayZ is still DayZ, with its clunky buttons, sluggish zombies, and commitment to making survival as hard as possible, is something soothing.

DAYZ Pc Game

You’ll always have to race for miles to make friends. The undead are either trapped in the walls or even unable to acknowledge you altogether. You might scour a whole city for materials just to locate one dusty shirt, one tin opener, and no tins. And the likelihood that some unknown sniper would destroy you, normally seconds after you finally come across something nice, is always big. The two ladders at least were finally sorted out. Veteran players will recall the pain of climbing a ladder at the bottom of it, to end up inexplicably dead.

If all this seems a little sad, then it is you can easily download in ocean of games. This is about as grueling as survival games come, minute to minute. You’ve got an ever-declining meter parade to manage— thirst, appetite, temperature, and so on — and the general lack of things will make an experience come alive. In DayZ, there’s nothing more disheartening than heading to a town for miles, only to see all the doors lying open: a surefire sign that somebody has already been, and no question thoroughly robbed the area.

Nevertheless, this does balance the game’s bleak, gloomy mood. The map is a former Soviet republic, Chernarus, melting into ruin. You get the impression that this would have been an unpleasant place to get stuck in even before the Zombies came. But there’s also a quiet beauty to be sought out, particularly in the rolling countryside, dense forests and sleepy rural towns. It’s a great setting, and a nice change from the more traditional post-apocalypse Westerners that typically appear in those games.

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