December 4, 2020

Bijoy Ekushe Vs Bijoy Bayanno

Bijoy Ekushe (Bijoy 21) is the best other option and 100% comparative of Bijoy Baynno (Bijoy 52). Both are worked by Ananda Publishers. As of now, they have distributed Bijoy Ekushe for Linux client and it is allowed to utilize by and by. Before distributing it, numerous Bengali’s were hanging tight for Bijoy Ekushe or Baynno and are utilizing Unijoy or Avro.

See the Set up of Bijoy Ekushe (Alternative Baynnol) in Linux/Ubuntu


Who had utilized Bijoy Baynno/Ekushe in Windows and has changed to Linux uniquely Ubuntu or Linux Mint, experiences fell in extraordinary difficulty to compose Bangla in Linux easily. Even though Unijoy offers to compose Bangla in Linux as Bijoy Baynno or Ekushe however there had a lot of restrictions and contrasts between them. Uniquely Unijoy isn’t well disposed of as Bijoy Classic for distributing purposes.

Bijoy Ekushe for Linux will urge Bengali individuals to switch in Linux from Windows. I am grateful to Ananda Publisher.

Download Bijoy Bayanno From here:

The most effective method to INSTALL BIJOY EKUSHE IN LINUX OS

Since I am utilizing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the most well known Linux distro, I will tell the best way to introduce Bijoy Ekushe and compose Bangla in Ubuntu 14.04. Try not to stress. This instructional exercise will work Linux mint, Ubuntu 16.04, and some other Linux variants. If you face any difficulty, let me know and I will help you the best.

8 Steps to introduce Bijoy Ekushe in Linux/Ubuntu:

Download Bijoy Ekushe compress record.

You can download from Bijoy Ekushe authoritatively and the size of the record is 56.4 MB. It is an enormous size for containing numerous Bangla text style. If you don’t need to download the enormous size, you can download from here the vital document to introduce Bijoy Ekushe and its size if just 586 KB. After download, separate the compress record.

Make a Folder named with Bijoy at Desktop and move the all downloaded document to this (Bijoy) envelope.

Open your terminal through Ctrl + Alt + T and run the accompanying order bit by bit.

sudo chmod 777/usr/share/m17n/

sudo chmod 777/usr/share/m17n/symbols/

compact disc ~/Desktop/Bijoy

mv bn-bijoyClassic.mim/user/share/m17n/bn-bijoyClassic.mim

mv bn-bijoyClassic.png/usr/share/m17n/symbols/bn-bijoyClassic.png

mv bn-BijoyUnicode.mim/user/share/m17n/bn-BijoyUnicode.mim

mv bn-bijoyUnicode.png/usr/share/m17n/symbols/bn-bijoyUnicode.png

Sudo chmod 777/var/lib/dpkg/information/m17n-db.list

Next you need to place the accompanying lines in/var/lib/dpkg/data/m17n-db.list. So first open your gedit on this position.


You will see an editable document with part of the lines. Look toward the finish of the line.

Put the accompanying lines and close this record.





Go to look through a bar of your Ubuntu Computer and quest for Startup Applications like underneath.

N.B. For other Linux, Version go to System → Preferences → Startup Applications

Snap-on and you will see a pop box where has a component to include right. Snap-on “Include” and fill the vacant box as per the beneath.

Name: IBus Daemon

Order:/usr/canister/bus-daemon – d

Remark: Start IBus daemon when Gnome begins

In the wake of finishing close the pop box.

Restart your computer.

Presently go to ‘Content Entry Setting’ via looking from Ubuntu Search bar or the upper right corner ‘En’ choice.

For other Linux, Version go to System → Preferences → Ibus inclinations

At that point, click on Input Method → Select an info technique

Furthermore, go to Bengali → bijoyClassic (m17n), bijoyUnicode (m17n) → Add

After tapping on ‘Content Entry Setting’ you will see a pop box-like beneath.

Snap-on ‘+’ sign to include. Presently look for ‘Bijoy’ and it will show two outcomes: Bijoy Classic and Bijoy Unicode. First, select Bijoy Classic and ‘Include’. Thus include Bijoy Unicode.

You have done. Bijoy Unicode for composing on the Internet. That implies, if you need to write on Facebook, Comment here you need to switch into Bijoy Unicode.


At present Ananda, Publisher requests to purchase a License before utilizing this application. What’s more, it is smidgen (BDT 100). You can pay physically and enact your Bijoy Ekushe for Linux.


Ans: Change from ‘En’ or Bijoy Icon that situates on the upper right.

Or then again Super key + Spacebar

LibreOffice Writer: Install the SutonnyMJ all text styles from the downloaded compress document to write in Bijoy Classic with SutonnyMJ Font. To get increasingly Bengali text style for Bijoy Classic and Unicode download the Bijoy Ekushe from authoritatively.

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